🎁💝 Celebrating the biggest 1st birthday ever with my lil Superman! 🍰 Happy Birthday Mark! (at Highway 1)

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I’m surprised by how many Peter Cetera lyrics I still remember.

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Готовимся к велозаезду в стиле ретро #прокатвростове (в Ростов-на-Дону)

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First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

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I’m making baked french toast casserole and I’ve never made it before. We’re going over to my husbands friends house for brunch this morning. He is a photographer who shoots a lot of stuff for High Times.

Everyone seems crabby today.

Then we have my nephews 1yo birthday party and we’ll finish up the evening at another friends home having BBQ.

I went out for drinks with some of the people from work and I’m reminded why I didn’t do that often at my old job. “Going out with the girls after work” is code for work bitch fest.

I’ve seen on the news that the small town of Weed is burning down. We stopped there and slept under a tree at a rest stop on our road trip here.

Enjoy your Saturday and pray this casserole turns out okay.

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Go for the craft beer, stay for the selection of tapas.

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Next year I’m running background checks before my fantasy football.

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My girlfriend: fantasy football just seems too complicated.
Me: It's not. The online drafts help you make a pretty good team. Do a little studying about the best running backs and wide reciev...Men do it. You can easily figure it out.
*erupts in joint laughter*
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by the way,


fuck your pumpkin flavored everything.

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P.M. Dawn - I’d Die Without You

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I was a county employee in Illinois for over 15 years and, as expected, we had great health insurance rates and only three options: PPO, HMO, HMO Advantage Plus. The company I work for now, in California, was part of the county but branched off and kept the same county health insurance rates. I have to choose from one of 26 health insurance plans and the rates are considerably higher than what I was used to paying.

I’ve been attempting to figure out why the rates are that much different here versus the Midwest. Is it because this is one of the most liberal states in the union and have more state assistance programs than I’ve ever seen? Influx of immigrants? Higher price rates to cover the cost of the natural beauty and amazing weather? I don’t know, but if I find myself at the doctor forking over a $40 copay, it probably means I’ve exhausted all efforts to treat my condition on my own or I don’t have the courage to sew my own finger back on.

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